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“We Clean, LLC” is a customer service centric local cleaning service located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. The owner, Sherrie, spent over 10 years operating a successful residential cleaning service before being wooed away by the hospitality industry to train, lead, and develop high volume Housekeeping Service on behalf of world class, major brand Hotels & Resorts. Through the years, she has honed her expertise in Cleaning Services for Public Space, Guestrooms, Laundry Operations, and Facility Maintenance. Sherrie has been responsible for the training and development of complex work teams with tiers of Managers, Supervisors, and over 100 service staff workers. She has participated in overseeing and coordinating extensive renovations. She has a track record for efficient use of labor and increased productivity, while maintaining exemplary Quality Service Ratings. Sherrie excels at recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and staff development for her janitorial cleaning services; having created one of the most comprehensive house cleaning service training programs in the industry today. All while finding time for her husband Mark, her college student son Cole, and two beautiful but rambunctious dogs Lady & Princess.

The number of Bathrooms and Bedroom Cleanings that Sherrie has overseen in her career are counted in the hundreds of thousands, the square feet of living space she has maintained through the years is measured in the hundreds of millions of square feet. A true subject matter expert in the cleaning industry, and accomplished hospitality professional, Sherrie decided to pursue her life-long passion and once again embrace an outlet where she could apply her specialized skills and love of cleaning in a way that would enable her to provide a valued service to her community. Treating each employee as a member of her family, engaging every customer as a trusted friend…Sherrie embodies daily the simple, sincere, and genuine force that drives her inspiration; “We Clean, so you don’t have to.”


The Team

The key to our success is attracting, training, and keeping those special individuals we want as part of our We Clean Family. We take great care in selecting just the right people for the job. Paying above average wages, we work primarily with individual solo cleaners with the intent to send the same person every time. This allows relationships to form between our cleaning professionals and our clients. Of course, for large jobs and deep cleans we may send additional support staff to assist. We make sure that our Cleaning Professionals receive the very best in Training and Development opportunities both to assure that they have the skills and expertise to maintain the high quality of performance expected by our customers, and so they may benefit from their training with us throughout their careers.  All of our employees are insured and bonded, and covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.


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The Girls