If you have read the last blog from our home cleaning pros in Dallas, then you already know that your kitchen is a pretty gross place. That is because there are lots of things that you have probably been forgetting to clean! In our last blog we talked about just a few of those things. The following is a list of the rest of them:

  • Tops of the Cabinets- While you may think the tops of your cabinets don’t need to be cleaned because they never come in contact with food, lots of grime and dirt can easily float down from them! Wipe the tops of your cabinets down with white vinegar or an all purpose cleaner. You can make future cleanings easier by lining the top of your cabinets with parchment paper.
  • Faucet- Your faucets can get dirty pretty quickly, and it is hard to overlook that greenish gunk that starts to build up. Thoroughly clean your faucet by unscrewing the aerator and soaking all of the parts in white vinegar.
  • Dishwasher- Lots of yeasts and fungi can easily thrive in the rubber seal of your dishwasher’s door. Use a small brush with a mix of white vinegar and hot water to clean. It is also a good idea to place a cup of white vinegar in your empty dishwasher and run it on the hottest setting.
  • Rubber Spatulas- Most rubber spatulas come in two parts, the blade and the handle. Bacteria can easily get stuck in the place where the two parts meet. Cleaning these spatulas is easy, all you have to do is separate them before putting them in the dishwasher.