Home Cleaning Tips for a Happy Kitchen

Let’s face it, cleaning your kitchen can get pretty monotonous. You just spent fifteen minutes of your life loading the dishwasher and scrubbing the counter-tops, only to have another mess because you just cooked dinner! Will it never end? While nothing short of a miracle could magic those dishes out of your sink, what we can do is make cleaning your kitchen a lot easier on you with these home cleaning tips in Dallas for a happy kitchen:

  • Dirty dishes don’t age well, in fact the longer they sit the more difficult and unpleasant they are to clean (and the longer it will take you). Yes, we know that the last thing that you want to do after you have spent hours slaving away on a nice dinner for your family is to spend even more time in the kitchen washing dishes, but washing those dishes right away will save you a whole lot of time and frustration in the future.
  • The order in which you wash your dishes actually matters, especially if you took our advice from our previous blog about washing in a rubber bin instead of under running water. Wash the least greasy stuff first, like cups and silverware, and gradually move on to the greasier dishes, like bowls or plates, and wash pots and pans last. This will keep your water clean for longer and it will require you to refill it less often.

For more time saving tips on washing your dishes and keeping your kitchen happy, please check back next week for our subsequent blog.