Typically, when most of us think about cleaning the kitchen, we imagine doing the dishes and wiping down the counter-tops, but not much else. Have you ever taken the time to consider how clean your kitchen actually is? The gross fact is that most kitchens are even dirtier than the typical toilet seat!  The following is a list from our house cleaning experts in Dallas of the top things in your kitchen that haven’t been cleaned but need to be:

  • Grocery Bags- Although these bags are great for our environment, they certainly aren’t self-cleaning. These bags can easily contaminate the food that we eat with dangerous bacteria, like E. coli. Wipe your bags with a clean towel and either white vinegar or all purpose cleaner. Also take steps to prevent contamination by wrapping meat in plastic bags and only use your grocery bags for groceries (not for gym clothes).
  • Refrigerator Drawers- With the common occurrence of rotting fruit and moldy cheese in our fridge drawers, it is no wonder that these are some of the most bacteria-ridden parts in our homes. You should scrub these drawers often with white vinegar or dish soap.
  • Handles and Knobs- Everything from staphylococcus to E. coli can be found on our kitchen handles and knobs, and they are some of the dirtiest spots in our entire homes! Clean these often with either white vinegar or diluted bleach.

These are just a few of the things in your kitchen that you have probably been forgetting about. Learn about the rest by staying tuned for our next blog!