Now that the temperature is starting to drop, you and your family will be spending a lot more of your time inside. When you and your kids start spending your days in the comfort of your home, you are likely to see an increase in the amount of dust in your life. Luckily, We Clean’s talented home cleaning team in Plano can help. Keeping your home dust-free is easy with the following list of tricks:

  • Use microfiber instead of a feather duster- Feather dusters may give you the impression that they are working, but the truth is that they really only move the dust around. Microfiber works because it actually holds onto the dust.  Also, because microfiber is electrostatically charged, it literally attracts dust!
  • Don’t break your back- Dusting your baseboards can be hard on your back, but luckily there’s a way to stay dust-free without bending. Grab your broom, secure an old sock on the handle, and use it to dust your baseboards without bending down!
  • Don’t forget about the vents in your bathroom- These vents get forgotten too often, and they can get dirty quick. Next time you get your vacuum out, use the hose to get the dust out of the vents in your bathroom.
  • Door frames, moldings, and corners-  These areas tend to get ignored, and the dust and spiderwebs start to add up. Luckily, you know the broom handle sock trick, so dusting these hard to reach areas is easier than ever!
  • Get your ducts cleaned- Your ducts are a huge source of allergens and dust, so it is a great idea to get them professionally cleaned once every five years.