If you were able to check out the last blog by our house cleaning experts in Dallas, then you already know that many of us make a lot of mistakes when we are dusting our homes. Previously, we talked about how using feathers dusters is a no no, and how dry dusting will only spread your dust around, but unfortunately we ran out of time! If you have been sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to learn about the other common dusting mistakes then keep reading:

  1. Forgetting about vents- Those hidden vents are easy to forget about, but they are a huge source of dust in your home! There is no point in dusting the rest of your home if you don’t clean your vents, because as soon as the air blows through them, more dust will fill your home. To clean them, all you have to do is go over them with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner!
  2. Directly spraying polish on your furniture- While dry dusting is a mistake, so is spraying polish directly on your furniture. This will cause a build-up to form on your wood which will catch even more dust. Instead, spray your cloth or your duster, and use it to gently remove the dust.
  3. Not changing the filters in your vacuum- When your vacuum filter is working properly it will capture the dust, as well as the rest of the particles that your vacuum collects. If your filter is clogged then it won’t be able to collect that dust, and will most likely end up spewing it back out again.