Are you struggling to keep the clutter at bay this winter? It’s hard to stay organized when you’re stuck at home on snow days! Find out how to finally get organized this year when you’re stuck inside with some of our best organization tips. Here at We Clean, the house cleaning Carrollton residents rely on to keep their homes clean, we’ve got some clutter-busting ideas for you!

  • Keep your shoes and footwear in the foyer – especially on snow days! Keep your footwear either on a mat or moveable supporting rack so that you can regularly clean the floor underneath. In a less formal entryway or when you don’t have a closet, use attractive wooden or metal shoe racks to hold shoes and boots – or even a nice basket!
  • Coat storage is crucial for organization, too. Invest in a nice coat rack, hall tree or set of hooks and pegs to can help corral coats.
  • Create a focal point in your room. Try putting your favorite decorative ceramic bowl in the center of a windowsill or cluster a variety of unusual paperweights on a radiator cover. This will create a focal point, making anything else put on the surface sticks out like a sore thumb and deterring extra clutter.
  • As you know, your desktop can become cluttered very easily. Consider using wire mesh file organizers and only keeping the necessities on your desk. It should provide enough room for basic office tools and for space to comfortably write letters, to open your mail, and to review documents as necessary.