Doing the dishes is a major drag. You can put in all of that elbow grease and time, and still end up having to do the dishes again a half an hour later. It is a never ending cycle. Luckily We Clean is here to make your life easier. Our specialists not only have what it takes to make your whole house sparkle with our house cleaning service in Dallas, but we are also able to give you the knowledge that you need to keep it clean in between our visits. That is why we have come up with the following list of dish washing tips:

  • Don’t let food sit on your dishes. If you love to procrastinate and you just can’t bring yourself to do the dishes right away, you should, at the very least, remove any food and rinse them. This will make it much easier when you finally do get around to doing those dishes.
  • There are some pots and pans that you don’t want to clean with soap, like cast iron. Cast iron absorbs flavors, and it can absorb soap too. In order to clean your cast iron sans soap, you can use salt! Salt is a natural abrasive and it goes a long way to getting rid of that nasty grease.
  • Don’t use too much soap! Using too much soap will cause you to waste a lot more time and water because you have to rinse your dishes longer to get all of that soap off! A good method for using dish soap is to put a tablespoon of soap in a small bowl with a cup of warm water. When your sponge starts to get dry, just dip it in the bowl and keep on going!